Energy Solutions and Pricing Strategies

AllMass Energy offers a range of energy solutions and pricing strategies to meet your specific business goals. Our cost-effective energy solutions include sourcing electricity, natural gas, sustainable energy products, and efficiency products such as LED lighting. AllMass advisors help you to sort through the options to identify the energy plan that makes the most sense for your business. We examine all aspects including your company’s peak load, efficiency goals, growth plans, and more. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Electricity Procurement

AllMass Energy keeps its finger on the pulse of the electricity markets. Our extensive knowledge is used to help our clients plan and make informed decisions regarding their electricity procurement. 

Natural Gas Procurement

Natural Gas Procurement

AllMass Energy stays abreast of the natural gas trends and any market or legislative circumstances that may affect its cost and delivery. We base our procurement recommendations on this intelligence. 

LED Efficiency Solutions

LED and Efficiency Solutions

It can be challenging to manage energy usage effectively. AllMass Energy can identify the most appropriate efficiency upgrades, and find the best financing options to assist your business in achieving its energy goals. We offer energy solutions to help make buildings more efficient, while providing facility owners with immediate cost savings, often without capital investment. 

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions

AllMass Energy can help to explain the renewable options, how you can benefit, and why you should consider renewables as part of your energy management strategy. See our menu of sustainable energy solutions below.

Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

RECs offset the electricity related to greenhouse gas emissions for organizations while funding the operation and development of domestic renewable energy. 

RECs Tied to a Specific Renewable Source 

In some markets, customers can purchase RECs generated from a specific renewable generation project, such as a solar farm. This option is typically more expensive than National Green-e certified RECs, but does help fulfill specific ESG Goals and objectives. 

Off-Site or Community Solar

In many states and utilities, Community Solar or Virtual Net Metering (VNM) programs exist, which allow customers to receive monetary credits for electricity produced at an existing solar farm. Since the customer is not directly tied to the project outside of the agreement, there are no related operational and maintenance costs.

Long-Term On-Site or Off-Site Solar

Customers who have the space and resources can add solar directly to the facility or land they own. On-site generation produces energy to offset a portion of your electricity usage, demand, and spending.

Natural Gas and Electricity Procurement Pricing Solutions

Fully Fixed Energy Pricing

Fully Fixed Pricing

The contract price of your energy is fixed for the duration of the agreement. This program is recommended for clients who prefer a more stable, lower-risk option. Energy market prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Whether energy market prices rise or fall, with fully fixed energy pricing, the client is locked into the price originally agreed upon for the entire term of the contract.

Indexed Pricing

Indexed Pricing

With indexed pricing, the contracted energy price fluctuates with the market. This program is suitable for clients who prefer more control and flexibility. While there is more risk involved as energy market prices go up and down, in most cases the result of indexed pricing is cost-saving. Occasionally, severe weather patterns, political shifts, or other events can cause prices to unexpectedly rise.

Hybrid/Flex Energy Pricing

Hybrid/Flex Pricing

The hybrid/flex option offers the best of both the fully fixed and index programs. Prices can be fixed for specific periods during the term of the contract. Likewise, the client decides how much or how little to hedge. Pricing can be structured based on any number of factors such as on- and off-peak hours and estimated seasonal usage.