The AllMass Difference: Procurement Process

Managed Risk Energy Procurement

The AllMass Difference is a strategy based on a managed risk approach to cost-effective energy procurement. We accomplish this by fully evaluating your current consumption, pricing, and contract terms. Additionally, we assess and come to understand your risk tolerance level and expectations. Then we design the most suitable, competitive procurement strategy to meet your goals.

AllMass Energy Procurement process

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Upfront Evaluation

Our initial assessment begins with a conversation. AllMass Energy works to understand each individual client’s needs, historical profile, and buying decisions. We outline available terms, product offerings, and current market conditions. 

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Bid Planning and Design

By incorporating your organization’s goals, risk tolerance, and energy management initiatives, AllMass Energy designs a customized RFP. We work with you to outline agreed-upon timelines, budgetary objectives, and price targets.

Competitive Bidding

By leveraging a large array of energy suppliers, we pass the full benefit of the competitive pricing environment to you. AllMass Energy is a 100% supplier-neutral energy advisor. We pride ourselves on transparency, ensuring that all pricing is presented in apples-to-apples terms. 

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Financial Benefits and Risk Analysis

We make sure that you fully understand the financial benefits of working with us. Additionally,  you will know the risks upfront. No cost component is left unexplained. 

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Ongoing Customer Support

Throughout your contract period, we continue to check-in. We assist with any issues that require our expertise and provide regular market updates.