Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions! Navigating through the energy markets can be daunting for businesses and institutions. AllMass Energy unburdens you by becoming your energy partner. We do the research and handle the negotiations, while you get back to work.

Some of the more commonly asked questions are answered below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

If my city or town offers private electricity or natural gas, can I still purchase energy through AllMass Energy?

AllMass Energy provides energy solutions for businesses and institutions in most cities and towns throughout New England and New York. Some cities and towns offer private energy sourcing. We may be unable to deliver energy solutions in those communities. Contact the municipality where your business is located if you have any questions about how energy is sourced. To see a list of Massachusetts cities and towns in which the municipality provides electricity and/or natural gas, click here.

Do I need to wait for my current energy contract term to be completed before I can switch to AllMass Energy?

You do not need to wait. In fact, we recommend you begin shopping a year or two prior to the end of your current contract. This will give us time to monitor the market to help you make the decision to lock in a price in advance for delivery in the future. Contact us today!

Won’t I save money by buying energy directly from the energy suppliers?

Not necessarily. Some energy sources only work through partners such as AllMass Energy in order to keep their own operating costs down. We’re able to evaluate your energy usage and goals and monitor the markets to determine the best possible strategy for your energy sourcing. See our section on Procurement Process.

Can I and should I switch suppliers at any time or when I get a call offering a rate lower than my contract price?

We all receive calls promising lower rates. Never make a split-second decision without reviewing a written offer.  Feel free to contact us before you terminate your current contract. We will be happy to review the new offer with you and let you know whether it is actually a competitive offer. 

What is community solar and how does it work?

Community solar refers to clean energy produced by community solar farms and delivered directly to the grid. We match your company to a solar farm and assign you a share of the electricity it generates based on your typical usage. Renewable energy credits are applied to your bill each month based on your share of the solar energy produced, significantly reducing what you pay your utility. You pay for the renewable energy credits at a discounted rate, lowering your electricity costs and saving money month after month. Learn more.

More questions?

If your questions have not been answered here, please contact us